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Who would you be if anger and sadness never let you go? If you hated the things you did? The person you’d become? What if you looked around and realized everyone you trusted had turned on you? Who would you be?

Set in 1907 in the isolated mining camp of Delamar, Nevada, WIDOWMAKER is the story of a veteran and company detective struggling with his troubled past. As head of security for the biggest mining company in eastern Nevada, Shepard Sunday and his deputies battle an increasingly radicalized union with every tool at their disposal: blackmail, assault, and even murder. With neither side willing to concede, the casualties mount, threatening to unleash anarchy on a multi-million dollar district. Following a tragic encounter with an old enemy—and betrayal by an old love—Sunday discovers he’s been framed for a terrible crime and finds himself trapped between warring factions. Haunted by ghosts from his days as an infantryman during the Spanish-American War, Sunday struggles to navigate a Byzantine web of treachery and greed. When his allies are picked off one by one, he finds himself pitted against the ruthless security team he once led. Only by earning the trust of his former union adversaries can he outwit his pursuers, pull Lincoln County back from the brink of war, and bring the real criminals to justice.

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Quinn Kayser-Cochran | Photo by Craig Foster, Elke Hope Photography

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Quinn Kayser-Cochran lives in Colorado and writes historic fiction, short stories, and essays about the American West. In 2012, his first novel, GLORIETA, was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award candidate. He spends several weeks each year in a Jeep, researching the people, places, and events on which his stories are based; the rest of his time is spent driving his children to and from school, sports practice, piano lessons, etc. He obtained a BA from Columbia University and recently earned a black belt in karate.

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