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4-25-17, Query Day One

First ten queries out the door, one immediate reply (A mutual friend in the publishing industry recommended I query an agent who isn’t taking new clients, and she kindly replied that she’s forwarding my MS to another agent who might…).

Querying is always a fraught process. Unless the agent has an e-form on their website (and a few still accept old-school paper submissions), the format is […]

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Interview by Lincoln Farrish: WIDOWMAKER

(This article originally appeared in 2016 as a guest-blog on author Lincoln Farrish’s Farrish’s Freehold website. Dated items have either been updated or excised.)

WIDOWMAKER is the first book in a semi-noir series following Shepherd Sunday, a war-scarred veteran of the Boxer Rebellion and Philippine War, and chief of security for the Eastern Nevada Mine Owners’ Association.

It is 1907—an era […]

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Nevada’s 20th Century Mining Camps

(This article originally appeared in 2015 as a guest blog on author Suzanne Adair’s Relevant History website. Excerpted passages from WIDOWMAKER have been updated to reflect the most current version [4-13-17].)

In the late 19th Century, Nevada was in trouble. Existential trouble. The Silver State was mired in a vicious, twenty-year depression, with no indications that things would ever improve. Certainly, since […]

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