10-24-17 My One and Only Ghost Story

One week until Halloween so here’s my one and only, firsthand ghost story. I’ll park several caveats up front: I don’t believe in ghosts but I’ll allow there are many things I do not understand and/or have perceived so incompletely that they can seem otherworldly. This story concerns an event I simply cannot adequately explain and so I’ll call it a ghost story. Take it as […]

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9-28-17 The Balangiga Massacre

The older I get, the more I know that I know less than I previously imagined. One thing I love about writing historical fiction, then, is the opportunity to research historical events and personalities that weren’t covered in any of my K-college history classes.

My new novel, Widowmaker, is set in the first decade of the 20th century, an era that, save for the Wright Brothers […]

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9-24-17 Long Layoff

As infrequently as I update this poor thing, I’m not sure I can call it a blog anymore. Some Words or Intermittent Opinions, perhaps… I blame June’s lack of productivity on a trip to Costa Rica, but all the weeks and months since are on me. With a work in progress (a WIP to the cool kids), I figured my time was better spent editing […]

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5-31-17 No Way to Go

I fully plan to kill myself–big qualifier–if I am ever afflicted with Alzheimer’s. For a little longer than a decade, I watched what it did to my father and I have no interest whatsoever in letting it do the same to me.

This morning I read a review of British neuroscientist Jospeh Jebelli’s book In Pursuit of Memory, about his research into Alzheimer’s plus reflections on his own grandfather’s […]

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5-5-17 River Piracy

Happy Cinco de Mayo, when many Americans commemorate the Mexican Republic’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Puebla) by getting blackout drunk. Viva la hangover.

My father was an engineering geologist. I grew up learning about landforms and rocks and how (over a VERY long time) they change, so I find these things interesting in ways that others may not. And it isn’t […]

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5-2-17 Seasonal Whiplash

Very little writing (okay, zero) over the weekend, so the goal is 1-3K words today. Accordingly, this will be a lazy, photo-heavy post so I can quickly get to work.

Snowed most of last Friday and Saturday, leaving about 6″-8″ of very wet, heavy snow on our neighborhood. I’ve lived in Colorado nearly all my life so I know the drill: any warm weather before Mother’s Day is […]

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4-28-17 The Unfriendly Skies

Like most Americans, as an occasional airline passenger who’s had mission-critical flights cancelled and been unhappily re-seated (but who’s never been involuntarily bumped or “re-accommodated”), I feel like I’ve earned the right to chime in on the recent United Airlines/Dr. David Dao fiasco. At this point, you simply must know what I’m talking about–do a quick web search if you don’t.

Caveats (Latin for “ass covers”) […]

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4-27-17 Writing Day and a Little Gratitude

Well into writing the followup to Widowmaker now–25K words–including a thousand more added this morning. Is it Fran Liebowitz..? Wait, three-second Internet search… yes–Fran Liebowitz says  ‘I write so slowly, I could write with my own blood and not hurt myself.’ Same here, and me without the discipline that comes with a long career as a writer. I’d dearly love to be more prolific but I […]

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4-25-17, Query Day One

First ten queries out the door, one immediate reply (A mutual friend in the publishing industry recommended I query an agent who isn’t taking new clients, and she kindly replied that she’s forwarding my MS to another agent who might…).

Querying is always a fraught process. Unless the agent has an e-form on their website (and a few still accept old-school paper submissions), the format is […]

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