A familiar subject in an unfamiliar and unforgettable setting … a forgotten chapter from America’s darkest years. Based on true events, Glorieta is the story of Jacob Stark and Adria Carrizo—a young couple whose worlds collide during the Civil War. Set thousands of miles from that conflict’s better-known engagements, Glorieta chronicles the ferocious contest that devastated America’s Southwestern Frontier.


In 1861 Texans invade New Mexico Territory, intending to use the territory as a base for attacks on Colorado, Utah, and California. Despite a string of early victories, the Confederates realize that they have overreached and their advance stalls in Santa Fe. There, Jacob Stark—a young captain desperate to make peace with his violent past—meets Adria Carrizo—the restless daughter of a wealthy and controlling hacendado. Despite vast social and cultural differences, torn between obligation and longing, Jacob and Adria fall recklessly in love.

With Union regulars unable to stop the Confederates, a brigade of mutinous frontiersmen recruited from Colorado’s far-flung mining camps is ordered south. When these armies collide near the summit of Glorieta Pass, the resulting battle leaves both sides reeling. In the chaotic aftermath, Jacob and Adria are separated. Hounded by Unionists bent on revenge, their supplies exhausted, the Confederates begin a grueling retreat across the desert.

Setting out to find Jacob, Adria outwits her father’s henchmen only to find herself caught in a running crossfire between the Confederates and their Union pursuers. Learning that Jacob and his battered company have vanished into a waterless mountain wasteland, Adria risks everything to save the boy she loves. Glorieta overflows with the pain of loss, the sweetness of love, and the power of redemption. Skillfully blending fact and fiction, it is a story that readers will not be able to put down or forget.

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Glorieta Character Biographies

Some characters in Glorieta are real people, others are fictional. Characters are listed in order of appearance. For those who are real, very brief biographies of their lives after the campaign for New Mexico are included. “Tx” denotes Texan soldiers, “U” for Union soldiers, and “Cv” for civilian.
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